We are continuously making new efforts to increase our sustainability efforts as a business. We have just released our new packaging and have significantly reduced our plastic usage. 

How do I recycle my current packaging?

Our new cardboard boxes are made from FSC sourced material are are 100% recyclable. Please put them in your curb-side recycling once finished with it.

The soft-plastic inner bag is made from 100% BOPP. We have faith that in the near future, soft plastic recycling streams will be active once again. When this occurs, these bags will be able to be recycled. If you do not have access to any soft-plastic recycling streams, please put into your general waste bin.


Transparency and Sustainability Efforts

Environmental sustainability is very important to us and we are continuously looking for new ways to incorporate improved sustainable methods into our business practices.

Our current practices include:

  • We recycle all soft and hard plastics, paper, and cardboard.
  • The minimal noodle waste that touches the floor (and is not suitable for human consumption) is collected and composted. We are currently looking at improving this practice further and out future goal is to contribute to a circular economy by repurposing these scraps into animal feed. 
  • Any funny shaped noodles, noodle crumbs and dough scraps are repurposed by rehydrating and using in new noodle dough.
  • We use Green Power for our electricity requirements
  • We are passionate about thoughtfully sourcing great quality ingredients as local as possible and maintaining our supplier relationships.
  • Our carboard packaging comes from Adelaide-based, family-owned company Detpak. Our soft plastic bags come from Montana Packaging in Adelaide.
  • We only use three natural ingredients in our base recipe: flour, egg and water.
    - Our flour comes from Laucke Flour Mills, who began the business in the Barossa in 1899. We have continued this long-term relationship, ever since we began in 1935. They source their wheat from farmers across Australia.
    - Our free range egg comes from Solar Eggs in North Plympton. They have a free range farm in Southern Barossa with 5000 birds/ha.
    - Our water comes from our local water supply. We use very minimal water usage in our full production process. 
  • We offer noodles to order in larger quantities (buy here OR if you are a wholesaler please get in touch via email if you are interested). Otherwise you can also buy our noodles by the 100g at Barossa Farmers Market in brown paper bags, or bring a container.