How do I recycle my packaging?

Traditional Range: The plastic container holding the noodles can be recycled in your yellow bin, as it holds its shape and is made out of Plastic Identification Code #3 (PVC). The soft plastic covering is only recyclable through soft plastic recycling streams. Unfortunately these are difficult to find at the moment, but click here to be taken to TerraCycle who offer soft plastic recycling.

What efforts do you make towards a sustainable future?

Environmental sustainability is very important to us and we are continuously looking for new ways to incorporate sustainability into our business practices.
Our current practices include:

  • We recycle all soft and hard plastics, paper, and cardboard.
  • The minimal noodle waste that touches the floor (and is not suitable for human consumption) is collected and composted. We are currently looking at improving this practice further and out future goal is to contribute to a circular economy by repurposing these scraps into animal feed. 
  • Any funny shaped noodles, noodle crumbs and dough scraps are repurposed by rehydrating and using in new noodle dough.
  • We use Green Power for our electricity requirements
  • We use very minimal water usage in our production process
  • We offer noodles to order in larger quantities (buy here OR if you are a wholesaler please get in touch via email if you are interested). Otherwsie you can also buy our noodles by the 100g at Barossa Farmers Market in brown paper bages, or bring a container. 
  • We are working towards new sustainable packaging – keep an eye out for future developments!