Other Noodle Questions

Where do your ingredients come from?

Our egg noodles are made from the most natural ingredients and from 100% Australian flour and eggs. 

We source our flour from Laucke Flour Mills who have been working with bakers and makers since 1899. Laucke was established in Greenock in the Barossa Valley and is one of Australia's few family owned and operated independent millers. Laucke have relationships with farmers in South Australia and interstate, and we are proud to continue our long-term relationship with Laucke which first began when Marie Wiech first bought her flour from Sir Condor Laucke in the early 1900's. 

We are also very fortunate to source South Australian free-range eggs from Solar Eggs who have farms based in southern Barossa. 


How do you pronounce 'Wiech's'?
Being of German heritage, the W is pronounced as a 'V' and the 'h' is silent. Therefore you pronounce it "Veeks"!

Why are your noodles short in length?
As our noodles are traditional southern German nudeln, they are traditionally found in this shorter style. This has always made them great for soups and makes them easier to eat – especially for kids!

Can we visit Wiech’s Egg Noodles?
Unfortunately, we are not currently set up to accommodate visitors to our making space. However, we would love to chat all things noodles at the Barossa Farmers Market. We have a stall there every week and there is always someone to chat to and tell you all about our history and making methods.

Can I buy your noodles online?
Yes! Head to our online store by clicking this link here.


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