About Us

A proud Barossa Valley Tradition

Based in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, Wiech’s has over 80 years of proud heritage producing traditional hand made egg noodles using the highest quality ingredients. 

The Barossa is famous for its quality food and wine and the family meal has always held a special place in the Valley; Wiech’s are proud to be present on these occasions.

Good food, good wine and the company of good friends, all part of the dining experience with Wiech’s Barossa Valley Egg Noodles.

Production Secrets

The secret to making the best quality egg noodle is to make no compromises. We only use ingredients of the highest calibre, and use a traditional method of manufacture handed down through three generations. 

We use high protein flour and quality pasteurised eggs making a product that when cooked has a silky texture and superb tantalising taste.

Traditionally hand made, the doughs are mixed carefully and lovingly, then passed through an extruder to form a unbroken sheet. This is then fed through a rolling machine where the dough is rolled and folded back and forth; continuously kneading the dough.

Finally when the correct thickness has been achieved the appropriate cutter is used to cut to the desired shape. We then hand cut to length and gently spread onto trays for drying.

The drying stage is the most critical to ensure quality. We choose our traditional drying method of low temperatures and longer drying times to enable us to produce a noodle with more complex and diverse flavours.

The end result is a delicious, tender, fast cooking egg noodle.

Marie Wiech 1940


In 1928 Jacob Wiech came to Australia to discover a better life, leaving wife Marie and his two young girls back in Germany. He arrived in Tanunda, where friends of his had settled, and by 1929 he had paid for his passage and could send for his family.

In January of that year, it was a very hot welcome for Marie (pictured left) and the girls at Port Adelaide harbour and they moved swiftly into their Barossa home. However on arrival they found their house had no running water, electricity or bathroom, plus an outdoor loo! But it was home. Four years later, in 1933, they finally moved to their new home with six large rooms, a cellar and an attic.

Back in 1935, with money hard to come by, the manageress of the local hotel asked Marie, who had trained as a chef, to make noodles for her guests. The whole family became involved in the process and word soon got around about the product. It wasn’t long before daughters Margarete (aged 10 years) and Elfriede (8 years) were seen delivering noodles on their bikes, packaged in paper bags.

The popularity of the noodles steadily grew through late 30’s but during this period the warclouds were gathering in Jacob’s homeland and war eventually broke out.

There was skulduggery targeted at Jacob and he was subsequently arrested in January 1940 and sent for internment to Tatura for 6 years. This was understandably very difficult for the family, suffering hits both to their dignity and finances; but Marie held her head high.

Despite this turmoil Marie had established many sales outlets by 1945, when Jacob was released; much to the delight and relief of his family.

The family bought another house in 1950 and continued building the business before their eldest daughter Margarete took over the reins in the early 60’s and transferred the operation to her house. Wiech’s continued to boom under Margarete’s watch and in 1984 she built the current factory in Walden Street.

New markets were opening up across the country but in 2001 Margarete became ill and passed away. Her daughter operated the business following her death but decided to sell to Valerie and David West in 2007.

Today we still make noodles by the same recipe and method that Marie did some 80 years ago and are thrilled to find a fourth generation enjoying Wiech’s Barossa Valley Egg Noodles.