Chilli Noodles and Coriander

This is a very quick meal that can be served as is, or complemented by many options of your choice. (some suggestions chicken tenderloins, strips of minute steak or chunks of smoked salmon which can be used as a side.) Either way, the chilli enhances the flavours and gives off a nice warm feeling.

Our Chilli Egg Noodles are not hot enough to burn your mouth but the are hot enough to let you know you are having a chilli dish. The coriander, lime and pecorino tend to neutralize this heat while adding flavour.


  1. Heat oil in a wok (or similar) and add garlic for 1 minute
  2. Add Wiech’s Barossa Valley Chilli Egg Noodles and toss through. Add a good squeeze of lime juice, sprinkle of coriander and a little black pepper
  3. Sprinkle cheese on top and serve.

Hint: Depending on the size of the wok, it may be easier to divide all ingredients by 2 and cook this recipe twice.