Traditionally used in soups, such a chicken, seafood, bean & lentil type soups. Use in Stir Fries or with delicate sauces. Use in place of angel hair.


For use with more full bodied sauces. The flat strand will support solid ingredients.Use in place of fettuccine or tagliatelle.


For use with tomato, fish based or Bolognese sauces. Delicious in bakes, salads or mixed with pesto.

Organic (available in Original and Black Pepper)

The name organic is synonymous with balance and nature. We believe our range, with organic flour and quality pasteurised eggs, is as close to Nature as you can get. Full of flavour, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

True Spelt

Spelt is perfect for those with some wheat allergies. It comes from an ancient grain, high in vitamins, minerals and protein with a nutty flavour.


For the 'foodies' who like something different. Enough Chilli to enjoy and enhance all of your ingredients but not leave your mouth burning.